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9th EUTERP Workshop

The 9th EUTERP Workshop will take place in Groningen (NL) on 26-27 June 2023.


Following on from a key recommendation from the last Workshop in Malta in 2018, the aim of this next workshop is to kick-start the development of guidance on “best practice” and the necessary trainer competences for those wishing to deliver radiation protection training.  Trainers are in a position of influence and it was concluded in Malta that guidance detailing the expected professional criteria for such trainers would be of value. The adaptations to, and innovations in, radiation protection training that has been seen as a result of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic have further added to the benefit of having such guidance.

Short updates and scene-setting content will be presented  on the afternoon of the 26th June. This will be followed by a full day of working group sessions on the 27th June during which participants consider the target audience for, the optimum format and structure of, and topics to include in a guidance document. 

The outcome of the Workshop will be presented at ETRAP 2023.

Download the preliminary programme of the 9th EUTERP workshop.

The Workshop immediately precedes and will be held at the same venue as the ETRAP Conference
(28-30 June 2023). 

Combined registration for both events is possible. A discount is availabe for EUTERP Associates
(more information).

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