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About the conference


Since 1999 the ETRAP conferences intend to bring together training providers, academics, policy makers, radiation protection experts, regulators and authorities, and end-users. It offers the opportunity for learning, discussing and networking about the latest findings and developments in education and training in radiation protection.

This 7th edition focuses on the challenges and opportunities of educating and training in a virtual context.

This conference is organized by the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK CEN in cooperation with EUTERP, IRPA and IAEA.

Conference themes

The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted online teaching. During this online conference we will learn about the opportunities and the challenges of educating and training in a virtual setting.


Training online

Online teaching is the new normal nowadays. Trainers and trainees had to switch very quickly to a virtual class room. What is working, what is not? During this conference we are looking forward to sharing best practices.


New didactic methods and methodologies

What are the new didactic methods and methodologies to use in online training? Special attention will be given to the challenges with regard to practical exercises.


Legal requirements

Can online alternatives fulfill the legal requirements? Can competence building be established via online education and training and how to assess the learning outcomes?


Assessment online

Teaching online is one thing, assessing the knowledge delta and the obtained competences in another.


Attracting a new generation

Is there an augmented use of social media and what is organized online for professionals and students to attract a new generation? Which formats tease them? ETRAP 2021 will look forward to the best future approaches.


Abstracts were reviewed by the Scientific Programme Committee. Accepted abstracts are published in the ETRAP 2021 Book of Abstracts.

Full papers are published in the ETRAP 2021 Conference Proceedings.

Important dates

Deadline for abstracts

18 December 2020

Notification of authors

1 February 2021

Online conference

23-26 March 2021

Submission of full papers

9 April 2021


Scientific programme committee

  • Michèle Coeck (SCK CEN), chair
  • Hielke Freerk Boersma (RUG)
  • Arjo Bunskoeke (RUG)
  • Joanne Stewart (EUTERP)
  • Eduardo Gallego (Polytechnical University Madrid & IRPA)
  • Marie Claire Cantone (IRPA)
  • Sylvain Andresz (IRPA-YG)
  • Andrea Luciani (IAEA)
  • Barbara Godthelp (HERCA)
  • Heleen van Elsäcker-Degenaar (NVS)
  • Pascal Froment (BVS)
  • Jan-Willem Vahlbruch (Leibniz University)
  • Paul Livolsi (CEA-INSTN)
  • Daniele Giuffrida (FANR)
  • Adriaan Lammertsma (EFOMP)

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