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The ETRAP 2021 organizers would like to thank the following sponsors:

  • logoUGroningen460x230.png

    University of Groningen

    The University of Groningen is an internationally oriented university with a rich academic tradition. Since the establishment in 1614, the university has brought forward striving academics, like the first female student, the first Dutch astronaut and various Nobel prize winners.

    Geographically, the University is rooted in the Northern part of the Netherlands, a region very close to its heart. We connect education and research with sustainable and economic processes within society. This comes together in our three spearheads: Energy, Healthy Ageing en Sustainable Society.

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  • 01_Berthold-Logo-460x230.png

    Berthold Technologies

    Berthold Technologies is a global leader in high-performance measurement technology and detection systems in the fields of Process Control, Life Sciences and Radiation Protection.

    With approximately 350 employees worldwide and a company history and experience spanning 70 years we are experts in solving the most challenging measurement tasks, unrelentingly focusing on quality, technology and our customers’ demands. Tailored measurement solutions, that perfectly suit each individual application are our core competence. Our cutting-edge technology is used in thousands of applications all over the world helping renowned companies to improve product properties, profitability and safety. 

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  • SRPlogo_460x230.png

    The Society for Radiological Protection

    The Society for Radiological Protection, is the UK Associate Society affiliated to the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA).

    Formed in 1963, it is a major scientific society for all who are concerned professionally with the safety aspects of ionising and non-ionising radiation in industry, medicine, research, power generation, defence, education, and central and local government.  SRP was incorporated by Royal Charter in 2007. Our Royal Charter states that the object of the Society is to “promote the science and art of radiation protection and allied fields for the public benefit”.          

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  • NVS_irpa_logo_460_230.png

    Dutch Society for Radiation Protection (NVS)

    The Dutch Society for Radiation Protection (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Stralingshygiëne, NVS) was established on February 4, 1960 to promote the scientific study of the protection of people, animals, plants and goods against radiation.

    The NVS also aims to promote the application of acquired knowledge and insights about radiation hygiene in practice.

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  • FANC logonew_460x230.png

    Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC)

    The Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC) is the Belgian supervisory authority for the nuclear sector. Its mission is to protect the health of the population, the workers and the environment against the danger of ionising radiation. The FANC has a regulatory role, issues licences and approvals, checks whether the licensing conditions are correctly observed and imposes safety measures if necessary.

    It is active in various fields: nuclear safety and security, industry, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, nuclear waste management, monitoring of radioactivity levels in Belgium, etc.

    Every day, its approximately 150 employees strive to ensure and further improve radiation protection in all these fields.

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  • Bel V - Logo_460x230.png

    Bel V

    For more than 50 years, Bel V is acting as the national Technical Safety Organization (TSO) expert on nuclear safety and radiation protection for the most important nuclear installations in Belgium.

    These missions are to contribute to the protection of the population and the environment:

    • By carrying out, on behalf of FANC, inspections and safety assessments of 7 nuclear power plants and other nuclear installations in Belgium (research reactors, waste management facilities, radio isotope production facilities, hospitals, universities, radiological installations,…)
    • By providing support to the FANC for the development of regulatory guidance documents and for the organization of emergency plans.

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  • Captured FANR logo_.png

    Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation

    The highest international standards of nuclear safety, security and non-proliferation
    In September 2009 FANR was established to be the regulatory body for the nuclear sector in the UAE in accordance with Federal Law by Decree No 6 of 2009, Concerning the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy, which was issued by the UAE President H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

    FANR protects the UAE’s public, its workers and the environment by conducting nuclear regulatory programmes in safety, security, radiation protection and safeguards, which fulfill key objectives in licensing and inspection in accordance with best international practices. FANR also oversees the implementation of the UAE’s obligations under the international treaties, conventions and agreements in the nuclear sector, and determines administrative standards, which support excellence in regulation.

    FANR has achieved remarkable success in the UAE’s peaceful nuclear programme through transparency in its operations and a dedication to sustainability through the capacity-building of Emiratis in the nuclear sector at FANR. Furthermore, FANR has also gained international recognition as a competent regulatory body and for its close cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

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  • AVC_logo_460x230.png

    Vinçotte Controlatom

    Vinçotte Controlatom, founded in 1965, is a recognized body for health physics inspections. Our goal is to provide protection for the population, the environment and employees against medical, industrial and natural sources of radiation. Since 2019 Vinçotte Controlatom is part of Vinçotte NV, the leading inspection company in the Benelux. On top of the health physics inspections, Vinçotte Controlatom offers a wide range of services and can, as such, provide an integrated solution for all topics concerning radiation protection:

    • Certified dosimetry service.
    • Assistance of a radiation physicist for quality control in hospitals.  
    • Organization of radiation protection courses in collaboration with Vinçotte Academy.
    • Assistance of class 7 safety advisor
    • Laboratory
      • Calibration
      • Gammaspectrometry

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