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Previous editions

The ETRAP conference is a well-established event bringing together all stakeholders in education and training in radiation protection. The first edition was held in Saclay in 1999, followed by meetings in Madrid (2003), Brussels (2005), Lisbon (2009), Vienna (2013)Valencia (2017), (broadcasted from) Brussels (2021), and Groningen (2023).

The conference focusses on policy matters related to education and training in radiation protection, as well as on best practices for outstanding contemporary delivery of efficient and effective knowledge and skills transfer. In addition, attracting talent to research and practices is an important element in the conference programmes, as well as outreach and networking.

Maintaining a high level of competencies in this field is crucial for the future safe use of existing applications of ionizing radiation in nuclear industry, healthcare, research and governmental organizations. Furthermore it provides the basis for future innovative developments advancing wellbeing for society.

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