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ETRAP 2023

8th International Conference on Education and Training in Radiological Protection

26-30 June 2023

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Conference is organized by the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK CEN and the University of Groningen in cooperation with IAEA, EUTERP and IRPA, and with support of EFOMP, HERCA, IRPA-YG, BVS-ABR, NVS, FANR, CEA-INSTN, Technical University Madrid and Leibniz University Hannover.

Download the ETRAP 2023 programmeETRAP 2023 Book of Abstracts and the ETRAP 2023 proceedings

Organisation & themes

    • Michèle Coeck (SCK CEN), chair
    • Hielke Freerk Boersma (RUG)
    • Arjo Bunskoeke (RUG)
    • Joanne Stewart (EUTERP)
    • Eduardo Gallego (Technical University Madrid)
    • Marie Claire Cantone (IRPA)
    • Thiago Lima (IRPA-YG)
    • Andrea Luciani (IAEA)
    • Barbara Godthelp (HERCA)
    • Heleen van Elsäcker-Degenaar (NVS)
    • Pascal Froment (BVS-ABR)
    • Jan-Willem Vahlbruch (Leibniz University)
    • Daniele Giuffrida (FANR)
    • Adriaan Lammertsma (EFOMP)
    • Competence standards for trainers
    • Online and hybrid learning: innovation and experiences gained
    • Competence based systems vs. qualification based systems
    • Attracting and preserving a competent workforce in radiation protection
    • Integration of social sciences and humanities and public engagement

Presentations and posters

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